Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chris's smile

Chris can be so genuine and endearing. I am sure people have no idea what lies behind his dimples and red-lipped smile. Chris can be so genuine and endearing. I am sure people have no idea what lies behind his dimples and red-lipped smile.

For instance: take the above picture. While eating dinner I had stuck my tongue out at him as an impetuous tease. Yah, sure there was still a little of the half chewed mouthful I happened to be working on still in my mouth when I did it, but just a little bit of chicken. No harm there. He smirked, which was a deviation from the customary strangled cries of disgust. I should have known that something was up but I, like a fool, congratulated him on his thickening skin. I proudly thought to myself that I was actually breaking him in... I sat there scheming; today tolerance for chewed food tomorrow melted chocolate bars. I was getting somewhere.

We finished dinner and tidied up, me still humming to myself with satisfaction. How did I not notice the lurking mischievous smirk in his smile, the smug invitation to sit and talk for a while? How did I not know? I sat, still delighted with myself and as we talked we casually flipped through some of the pictures we had still in the camera. There was the hurricane that wreaked devastation and destruction every where it went (check it out-sure glad I pulled in the house plants and hid in the bath tub for that one), about the camp out where we played Mario cart and slept in a moving van as a drunken Latin dance raged in the parking space next to us (no pictures of drunken Latin riot, but some of the Nintendo. Oh, and that was us trying to get the bean bag back into the house. Sheesh.). During our chat, nature took its course and it soon became apparent that I needed to visit the... powder room. A girl needs to stay nice and powdery. I daintily excused myself and went to hop off the couch. Chris held me back.

"Chrirriiisss! Gotta’ go!" "No." he said petulantly. "Ha! you can't stop me!" "Oh yeah?!" "Yea!" "Oh Yeah?" "Yea!" "Oh Yeah?" "Yea!" "Oh Yeah?" "Yea!!!!" "Proove it!" I shot off the couch and bolted for the rest room. A night full of surprises, Chris did not even try to hold me back. He calmly traipsed down the hall behind me. I headed for my objective - my throne, if you will. Chris followed and did not stop at the door. Cooley he sat down on the floor with a pleased expression. That is when I realized, to my horror: he was right. He could stop me. I gasped in awe. The brilliance of it, a completely non-violent enforcement of his

will. The camera happened to be in my sweatshirt pocket still so I whipped it out and took that first picture. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the view you can only get when sitting on the pot. Yes, he was going to watch me. Nothing will freeze your bladder faster than an audience.

Apparently that was my punishment for sticking a mouthful of food at him. Sigh.* We'll get there.


  1. hey,i love those dimples and red lips. love alicia. go office.

  2. Hmmm... for some reason I don't remember writting that comment! Dear old Drew! Oh, and by the way check out the Carrboro website link on our page. Chris is at the top of p.2

  3. Is it just me or do you have a disproportionate number of pictures taken in the bathroom?

  4. When are you going to update? I want to hear how your Thanksgiving went!