Friday, March 20, 2009

A Boy and A Girl

The Girl

The Boy

You can find additional ultrasound pictures (including a few 3D ones) at

Hi Friends -

We have a baby boy and a baby girl! We're so excited! I've added a name voter on the right. Please feel free to vote, but don't expect that it will make any difference (Mwahahahaha!). We'd still love to see your thoughts.

Sarah is doing well. She hasn't thrown up in 4 days! Yeah! She's been craving bean burritos and strawberries. Jenna H. thinks that's because the boy wants the burritos and the girl wants the strawberries. I'm still hitting the job search very hard and praying something will come up soon. This will be a very short post; Chris is writing it.

Oh and one more thing - now that we have a girl, I have to lay down a ground rule. No princess things! Our daughters are not princesses - scholars, yes; divas, if they take after Sarah. We love her, but she's not a princess. Thank you for your compliance :D

Chris and Sarah


  1. No Princess stuff? You say that now, but we will see if that sticks! We are so excited for you. Oh and by the way, Steve and I dubbed the name Porter a long, long time ago so you can't take it! Thanks! Love you guys

  2. Okay--you have to read "The Little Princess" then tell me she isn't a princess. However, if you specify no Disney princess stuff--that is understandable.

    I like Eve but it would be so tempting to name the boy Adam . . .

  3. Hey Sarah it is Megan Phipps...I am so excited for you guys. I like the names Parker and Leah. I am glad you are starting to feel better.

  4. Hey! You should reopen the name poles!