Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Holy Cow are you kidding me?!'

'Holy cow, are you kidding me?!'  Parker cried as he gave Chris a five.  Chris and I both laughed.  It was Lyra's turn; 'holy cow!  kidin' me?!' Lyra yelled excitedly as Chris fell backwards with Lyra's mock strength.   Parker had made another game of something he had heard us say.  I think Chris cried out 'holy cow, are you kidding me?!' when a package arrived once and it has stuck with Parker since.  Eventually he decided that it was an integral part of Chris's high five game and it made Chris and I laugh.  We played along and Lyra has followed suit with 'holy cows' in her turn. 
Lyra and Parker are really watching us now.  I'll say something and Lyra will walk away repeating it to whatever toy is in her hand at the time.  She doesn't say much unless encouraged.  I have begun to insist that she say important phrases like 'put her head on' when Poly pocket needs her head put back on, but in general, she still mostly just sings to herself about trees and things.  Maybe she really is a fairy.  But I think it is primarily because Parker says everything for her. 
The other day we were walking down the stairs when Parker paused thoughtfully, slowly turned to me and said 'mumydebest.' 
'Huh?' I asked,
'mommy's dabest!' pointing emphatically at me. 
I should have seen that one coming.  I quickly corrected him, saying 'no, daddy's the best'
'mommy's the best!'
'daddy's the best!'
Parker started really giggling now 'no, Mommy best!'
Daddy was working from home that day and heard the debate and soon it was in Daddy's room; 'Parker's the best!'
'No, daddy's the best!'
'no! mommy's the best!'
 'no, Daddy's the best.'
  Around and around we went.  Parker was picking up on the many, many ridiculous conversations Chris and I have almost constantly.  You see, we all know Chris is the best, and yet he still insists that it is me, silly man.  I am forever going to stand for the truth, so I must correct him over and over and over again.  You think by now he would have given up.   It is still surprising and funny to hear Parker pull it up out of nowhere.  The debate is getting more complicated now, though, because Lyra and Parker, being offspring of Chris, are also the best.  So now Lyra and Parker will point to a member of the family, yell that they are the best, and a storm of wild pointing and 'best's will fly.  

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