Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not much going on here

There is so much going on, and yet it seems like there is nothing worth writing about.  Or at least nothing I think will work for a blog post just now.
I am tempted to make stuff up. 
the 'it never happened' icon
I invited a friend to this big Women's conference thing that is happening here in Houston for Church.  I couldn't manage to catch her in person, so I ended up writing an e-mail about it.  I wonder if that was the smart thing to do.  I was just too much of a weenie to do it in person.  That, and she is my neighbor...  So what if she thinks I am this zealot of a creepy Mormon now who is trying to force her family to join my sketchy cult.  She has had a lot of questions about the church and I really feel like this was something I was supposed to do.  But she still hasn't responded and I haven't run into her yet so I don't know how she took it.  Yeah, I am totally nervous.  We have a really cool cul-de-sac.  Everyone is generally friendly, everyone generally likes everyone.  I love that about it here.  What if I have ruined it for us?  What if now that I have invited the primary socialite to my church, I am going to be an outcast for religious imposition?  My kids blacklisted, never allowed to play games with the other little reindeer?  What have I done?  Why can't we suck back e-mails?  Wouldn't that be an AWESOME feature?  The 'it never happened' icon.  It would immediately retrieve from the mail box the offending e-mail from the other person's in box.  Then they would be left to wonder if it had ever happened at all.   They would have no proof and with time, come to think that it was all just in their heads, a figment of their imaginations.... Or they would just think that I had used the 'never happened' Icon.  Wow, that would be a fantastic button for lovers who have fallen out.  Yeah, you wanna send a message to your old boyfriend?  Well, just click that 'never happened' button.  Or, maybe you were one of those really lame type people who breaks up with your girlfriend online.  But then you hear that she was going to irreversibly bestow upon you millions of dollars... yeah, you would want THAT e-mail back now wouldn't you.  See all these practical applications?  Because that happens all the time.  Girlfriends bestowing entire fortunes on boyfriends.  It is very silly of them, really.  But what do you say to a girl in love?
There.  Weekly blog post goal met.  Bet you wish you could push that 'never happened' button on reading this one and get those minutes of your life back.  Then you could do what you really wanted to do with those minutes, like read a really brainy article about world peace.  That, or eat Wendy's while watching a video of some guys in Minneapolis playing a horrible ps1 game.

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  1. Yes, perhaps a bit TMI, but I applaud your openness! Great poop story, they always are fun :P And teaching "flatulent" to your child is brilliant!