Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My life is like a dream.  And like real dreams, one moment will be terrifying or miserable and the next will be so sublime and beautiful you are desperate to catch every nuance and keep it forever. Some of the more fun bits for your enjoyment:

listening to Chris do the theme of rocky IV while feeding Ethan and Esther

Lyra: 'daddy's favorite color is green Parker's is brown and mine is pink, and sometimes orange.  That's because I get to ride the orange dinosaur.'

Parker: 'don't worry mom, you can go outside, only gas floats high high'

Lyra:  so we are learning a poem that has the line "whenever you go out of doors ... drink-in the sunshine" in it.  Today while we were outside, Lyra said 'I want to drink in the sunshine'  so she went, got a drink and sat in the sunshine.  I guess I never thought to take that line literally

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