Monday, December 23, 2013

Children for Sale....

Due to a problem with our ordering system, we are currently overstocked and must clear our inventory for next year's model!  We have so many of these we don't know what to do with them!  If you see anything that you are interested in, please call our friendly sales associates to discuss terms.

Model 948540A - Lyra Emily; 4 years old

This adorable model is known for her sweet smile, fun nature and big hugs.  She enjoys movies with cuddles, dressing up, dancing and coloring.  She started preschool this year and loves to be social.  This model is inseparable from model 948540B and will spend a lot of time laughing at his jokes, racing him across the house, and building towers to knock down.  She is great with her younger siblings and often brings them food without being asked.  Be warned that unlike model 948540B, she is a night owl and will often go to sleep after her parents while blissfully playing with her finger puppets.

Model 948540B - Parker Bishop; 4 years old

This handsome model is perfect for anyone that loves a good time.  He is very protective of model 948540A, insisting on standing behind her in line so he can keep an eye on her as well as voluntarily taking the blame when she does something naughty.  Note that he requires at least 4 hours of the "Frozen" soundtrack each day.  He's a quick study - just today said "I ate 9 bites.  If I eat two more, that will be eleven bites!"  He usually uses this ability to argue about he doesn't need to eat his dinner or how now is the best time for a movie, to various degrees of success.   He brings so much fun and happiness to our family.

Model 183490A- Ethan Christopher; 1 year old

Constantly laughing, model 183490A will keep you on your toes.  His signature move is to get you to pick him up and then point at something he wants, willing you to get it for him.   Once he gets it, he will point at something else until he has tried a bit of everything in the pantry or has exhausted his parent.  Endlessly curious, he will focus on balls, doors, and buttons until he has fully figured them out.  Despite not being ticklish, Ethan is constantly laughing at his older siblings and making up new games for his family.

Model 183490B - Esther Karynn; 1 year old

For those who need a easy-to-raise child, this is the model for you.  She is always willing to share food, balls, and anything with her counterpart, 183490A.  Only crying if she is hurt or the vacuum is on, she is an ideal child.  This model is not suggested for anyone that has hip or back problems, as she requires that you hold her during every waking hour of the day.  Note the beautiful round eyes that glimmer at her ready smile.  This model loves books and will bring them to you constantly.  Note that she does still require at least one hug per night, usually around 11:00 PM.  She is truly a delightful, pleasant baby.

Next Year's Model - Release date: July 2014

Very little has been released about this model, except that the developers are very stressed about its release date.  Unlike previous models, this will be not be a two-for-one special, for which we are very grateful.  Check back later at this spot for further updates.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Chris, Sarah, Lyra, Parker, Ethan, Esther and Baby Heaton


  1. Very cute. Congratulations on your new arrival!

  2. Aww!! Another Heaton... That's awesome! :) <3 lot's of love to you all

  3. Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't wait til I got home uh? So much fun for you! I love this blog. I would like to rent some of your models and try them out.

  4. We'll take any or all of them! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great pictures! Love the catalog. So excited for the 5th model release.