Friday, December 4, 2015

We found a Christmas tree today.  Parker proudly found it after Chris had refused to buy the trees that had been sprayed hot pink or purple.  Parker was lobbying hard for one, too.  I think that he saw how happy it made Lyra and that was enough for him... That, and it was a bright pink pine tree... I mean, honestly, how is it possible for anyone to pass that up?  Ask Chris, I guess.  
There was a Santa in a sleigh there, too.  He was not happy to be there, poor frozen man, tucked all the way in the back of the lot next to the real reindeer that they had brought in.  Lyra and Parker stood there staring at him with a look of confusion and curiosity.  I told them to go up and give ol' Santa a high five.  They did and he asked Lyra and Parker if they would like to sit in his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.  So, for those who don't know, we don't really play up the Santa thing.  Yes, yes, I know, we are robbing them of their childhood.  I just need them to believe me on some things and loosing good will on Santa seems like a waste of trust and good will.  I'll pay for the therapy, kids.  
Anyway, Lyra and Parker stood there staring at 'Santa' in confusion until I explained that he just wanted to know what to get them for Christmas.  It was actually nice because Lyra had changed her mind on what she wanted without saying anything.  Apparently someone at school had told her that roller scates were hard to use.  She wasn't up for that and had settled on a poly pocket doll.  Good to know.  

This is a boring blog post.  Esther looked adorable at the tree farm in her fir trimmed hood.  Ethan was sweet and excited to walk around in the forest of close pine trees.  Isaac was just trying to figure out how long it would be before he could convince Parker to hand him the candy cane Santa had given Parker.  We bought a skinny crooked tree for a ridiculous price because Parker was so adorably excited that he had found it.     

My teenage self would be horribly disappointed in our tree.  My teenage self was also stupid.  My tree is crooked, poorly lit with an even more crooked star at the top.  Most of our nice ornaments have been broken and lost.  The only ones left are the craft ones Lyra and Parker made in preschool and kindergarten.  That, and some paper ornaments with family pictures from last year, clumsily glued and taped to it.  I think it is beautiful.  Esther and Ethan lit up when they saw their pictures being hung up on that tree.  So, yeah, best tree ever.  Pictures to come should I ever get my act together. 

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