Wednesday, September 22, 2010

if I had billions stashed...

Wow, I didn't think that anyone would read the non pictured, un announced blog. Thanks, guys.
Chris and I were having a funny conversation and we somehow started imagining up the most ridiculous things to spend money on. I think it was something like 'if someone had a huge stash of money they were wasting secretly, what might it be for?' It was a ridiculous conversation so the answers were equally ridiculous:
- Have hundreds of monkeys trained to do a civil war reenactment
-Buy WaltDisny's body (and perhaps grow a treasured garden with it?)
-Get the best star wars figurine collection of all time
-Buy a club in San Fran
-Huge donations to Bill O'Reilly
-Have dozens of stars named after you
-Employ dozens of people to make you look cool using posts on twitter
-Buy a renaissance fair so that you can pay to become the undisputed jousting champion
Well, if you ever read dozens of cool posts on twitter that, under a clear sky of twinkling (and recently re-named) stars, outside of a San Francisco club in a particularly lush (Disny-esque) garden, hundreds of Bill O'Relliy impersonators were paid to reenact a civil war battle using only Star Wars figurines and was ultimately won by the local renaissance fair's champion jouster... well, you might know who has (had) dozens of dollars stashed away.


  1. How about: buy out every seat in a pro-stadium so you could watch the game alone with the fam. Goodbye loud drunkenness, hello FHE.

    I might have more later...

  2. Um, I just read your side bar, and I would like to say, that I NEVER get nice logs, it is always mush, I must be feeding my kids weird stuff.

    Oh, and I voted, and since I think I'm the first, I'm 100% correct. Just look at the bar graph.

    I wish we could hang out and share in the madness together.

  3. I love what dozens of dollars will buy you these days.

  4. Oh, and Sarah, I LOVE your side bar conversation. I laughed out loud at the mental picture of you laughing at the ceiling while Chris made dismayed noises from the kid's bedroom. Why is that so funny to me?