Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hot Dogs, Cantaloupe and ginger ail

Chris walked in the door, bag of groceries in hand.  It wasn't customary that he run to the store after work, in fact I almost never asked him to do it.  The kids started yelling 'Daddy! Daddy!'  Lyra was pumping her arms in the air with excitement, Parker had grabbed some random object to importantly show his daddy.  Chris Quickly pecked me on the lips, handed over the bag and caught the two toddler torpedoes speeding to his legs. 
I took the bag in the kitchen as daddy began tossing one kid after another in the air.  Slowly emptying the contents,  I took grateful note.  He had gotten everything, that saintful man.  I quickly threw the Hot dogs in the waiting oven and hacked into the cantaloupe with abandon.  somehow between hacking into and eating the cantaloupe I managed to get a glass and fill it with ginger ale.  I didn't think I would throw up these much craved items, but I was taking no chances.  Thank you daddy.   
I had read up on the cantaloupe and apparently pregnant women tend to crave it because it is good for rapid cell division in the first trimester?  Lots of folate and blah blah blah?  I also looked up hot dogs... I guess they are not the choice food for baby making, but I figure if my body got the cantaloupe right, how far off could it be on this one?
Yes folks, pregnant.   It was an unexpected blessing.  The worst we had to do this time was psychosis inducing clomid.  We had already begun the long and painful process of convincing our insurance company that I could not get pregnant and thank heavens we did not have to finish the list!  You would not believe what is on it these days.  So instead of having radioactive juice pumped through my ovary tubes, I am at home, falling asleep mid 'go dog go.' 
It is sweet watching Lyra and Parker try to figure out this new mommy.  I am not far along at all, but the exhaustion sets in fast and if I sit down anytime before 12 I fall asleep.  It is beyond my control.  I have learned to stay on my feet or stay upstairs.  Luckly, the kids tend to play close to where I am.  This morning I sat to read a book and  I doze off half way through the first page.  It wasn't a problem for them, apparently.  I woke to Parker tripping over my legs, then again for no reason to find a sticker was tenderly stuck to my hand, then again to find the sticker gone, Parker sitting in the toy box playing some game contentedly and Lyra snuggled close flipping through a book.  Again, to Parker saying 'hugs? Hugs?' and crawling onto my chest for a minute to then be distracted by a car he just saw. 
After a while I managed to peel myself off the floor when I realized it was probably snack time already.  I gave them apple juice and leftover banana bread as I tried to drink some milk (and barfed it into the sink).  They finished the snack and I thought to keep myself awake we could play outside.  Nothing could sleep in that heat and the kids could splash in the little inflatable pool.  It was a plan with promise until I started to spray some water from the hose.  I felt it and I still have a slightly red spot on my wrist where it burned me.  We let the hose run for a good ten minutes and the best we got was a warm, not burning, water.  The kids were looking hot already so I ran into the kitchen, pulled out the ice cube drawer and dumped the whole full thing in the pool.  Lyra and Parker sucked on pieces of ice as they watched the rest visibly melt.  It was enough, though and the water was a small relief from the oppressive heat.  They were playing beautifully and in spite of the heat, I had to fight to stay awake.  The pool was soon warm again and we all trudged soggily to the front where we could hear the garbage truck picking up the garbage. 
The garbage man is a special treat here at our house.  Every Tuesday and Friday they pass by and we are out to greet them.  Both my kids are fascinated by the huge powerful truck passing by cleaning up the 'mess' (as Parker so aptly describes it).   The men who do the dumping are now our friends, actually.  They wave and bring my garbage can all the way up the driveway instead of leaving it down by the road.  If Lyra and Parker are slow to come and see them, they ask where the babies are.  The babies are always outside before long and we wave and wave while the men finish the cul-de-sac and the truck driver honks his horn.  I am sure the neighbors wonder why that truck is always so loud at our houses and not at the others.  We love our loud garbage truck guys.  Parker won't even come inside until they have turned the corner out of sight.  Which today was a little irritating because all the heat was pouring into the house as I held the door waiting for him to come in.  ...
 I am sorry, this is turning into a blow by blow of my day today.  Really the purpose of this post was to say 'I'm pregnant.'  So, I'm Pregnant.  Now you all know.  And my husband is awesome and my kids are angels.  Chris and I are thrilled to have another one.  So now you know.  Wahoo!


  1. Congratulations! Double Congratulations that it happened "quickly"!

  2. Yay!!!!

    Congratulations, you guys! This is awesome!

    Well, I mean not the throwing up nor the fatigue nor the unbearable heat. Sorry about that.

    But the pregnancy. Hurray!