Monday, May 18, 2015

We all went tumbling across the grass as the entire playground exploded. 
I opened my eyes to see a ring of young faces around mine, looking with concern.  Lyra, Parker, Ethan, Esther and Wyatt all stood there looking down at me.  
'is she dead?'
'no, look, she's fine.'

The brave fire fighters stared down at me, just watching.  I held Isaac, who was still giggling in my arms.  Yeah,  That was fun.  The kids helped me up and we all started back to where the playground had 'exploded' to start the long rebuilding process.  Lyra and Parker went right to work, hammering while Ethan and Wyatt started making cakes for them.  Workers don't know how to cook for themselves, as Lyra told us.  And as the local authority on construction, we had to belive her.  The cake was served, Esther ran it up to the workers and it was all done.  Lyra admired the new blue and white colors they had selected for the new playground as the younger kids tested out the steering wheel portion.  They had done a good job.  

They continued to explore the awesome new parts of the playground until Wyatt perked up, hand to his ear he said 
'What's that?  I hear, I hear a FIRE!' and he went dashing for a fire pole and slid down it... then came around and slid down it once more, just for good measure.  Ethan and Esther followed with Parker driving this time while the others lined up behind him yelling contradicting directions.  It must have been distracting because he didn't see me standing there.  
'AHH!  Mommy!  lookout!'
I had Isaac in my arms still and dove to the side, escaping with my life by inches.  They really should licence these firemen at a little older age.  
They arrived at the fire where a mother and her two 20 mo old blond twins were playing.  Lyra and Esther ran to the scene, up ladders, Parker using the monkey bars to reach them.  The little twins and their mother weren't quite sure what was going on, but with some assuring, they were very glad that they had been saved from sure death.  Those fires can sneak up on you so fast.  Which was probably why Wyatt was tugging so hard on Ethan's hand.  Ethan was furious.  He didn't need help, no matter how kindly offered, and stood his ground, screaming and refusing to let Wyatt help him up the stairs.  Esther came darting by their desperate scene yelling 'nanny nanny boo boo, you can't catch me!' And finally the sound of Lyra smacking from one side of the zip line to the other brought the boys away.  
It began to rain and lyra slipped from her grip at the zip line only to land on a bomb!  Parker yelled to her, but she waved him off..
'don't worry, Parker.  it's just a little one.  Completely unperturbed, Lyra stood right on the little bomb'
'boom!' she said and hopped in the air just a little.  The stepping off while dusting her hands off
'there, that's better.'

This place was too much for me.  We had to go.  It was fun to see Wyatt and Ethan throwing rocks at this big water tank, though,  It made this reverberating spacey sound when the rocks actually made contact.  

Goodbye bomb infested burning park.  

ok, so it was a cuter story in my head than in practice.  It was fun playing fireman with cousins, though.  

Esther - im super man - runs off making the wind sound with one elbow high in the air
Esther crawling off the trampoline when she realized no one else would go get Ethan's ball for him that he had thrown into the bushes.walking over the sharp miserable rocks, getting me to pull the ball out of the high bush and then faithfully walking the ball back over to Ethan.
Parker running back to me when he realized that 'it is more safe to stay close to mom' and then monitoring Lyra to remind her when she was too far from me
Parker screaming 'mom! mom!; his tone told me that something was seriously wrong.  I put him and his bottle down and left him screaming as I tore out to see what was wrong.  Parker was clinging to Ethan's legs while the rest of ethan hung dangling off the edge of the trampoline, his head aiming directly towards the dirt and sharp rocks below.  'Mom! save Ethan!' Ethan was screaming and scrambling to hold on to something off the side of the trampoline. Ethan definitely would have fallen and bled had Parker not desperately held to the bits of ankle and leg he had caught before Ethan tumbled off completely.
Lyra running clear across the room 'I got it! I got it!' when esther asked for someone to blow on her oatmeal.  
Ethan jumping out of the car while I was loading everyone in 'ethan, where are you going? we need to go!' 'Go get isaac a toy; he's crying'  Yeah, I let him get the toy.  What a sweet little guy.  
Esther loves lyra and wanted to sit in the seat next to her, Ethan was already there.  Lyra coached her though 'Esther, say ' may I have that seat please Ethan'  Esther obediently repeated what Lyra had said and Ethan cheerily said ok, hopped out of the seat and let Esther have it.  This is just after they had been fighting over it. 

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  1. Woah, good thing you have such faithful firefighters and cake makers. And I love it when my kids successfully use the manners I try to give them. I'm always surprised when they work so well.